Retro This Time Around::

Detecto Scale
               How was your weekend? Second weekend in a row out and about at yard sales. That wish list is GROWING as we speak...I'm not kidding! This time around, the theme seemed to be scales. It was the mother load of scales this weekend. This 1950 Retro baby is my new addition to the family.. Do you have a Vintage scale in your kitchen? Hands down makes for a great conversation piece to be added to any decor. Don't you think? Hey and if you don't cook, it looks like you do. I even think Martha would approve. I wonder if she has a SCALE?
                                                     Have a great week.........
                                                                Hugs, Liz 

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Jane said...

I hit a neighborhood garage sale this weekend and came home with 2 scales! I guess the theme was scales :) One woman had two of the heaviest, old, cast iron scales I have ever seen. They were very cool and so reasonably priced but they were pretty big and my husband would not have been happy to see them enter the house so I had to leave them behind. I found some other cool stuff at her sale too. She was a very sweet older lady who just wanted to clean house! The perfect sale!!
Have a great week.

the vintage wren said...

Awesome find Liz. I spent Saturday out hitting the garage sales also. I found a few great things, but not what I was looking for, so I'll have to keep at it. Congrats on your new Etsy shop love what you have to offer. Hugs-Carrie

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Liz...our yard work is waaaay behind this year. I still can't do much lifting or raking and my husband is an AC guy and is very busy. I'm not complaining though!!

Pam said...

No scales for me this week. I have two scales that are exactly identical. No idea why I bought the second one. That is a cool scale though. I don't think I've ever seen that type before.