Soulful Art::

  I have a great appreciation for Art. My Dad was an Artist. As much as I love Art, I wish I learned more from my Dad. He painted with many mediums. I think oils were his favorite medium of choice. Looking back to my childhood, I loved to sketch with charcoals.These days, that's long gone. Maybe, one day I'll try again. Thanks to my Dad.
   With this deep appreciation embedded in me. I like to look at oils when I'm out and about. I never buy, Never! I think it's my the lack of knowledge about paintings that stops me in my tracks. Well I thought that but, until this summer my thoughts were just plain silly. Why not purchase Art because of it's simple beauty? So, summer came and I stumbled upon this small painting. In not perfect condition. An "oldy but, goody" and in somewhat rough shape. I had to have it, Period. Besides wanting to purchase a farm table. I guess we can't always get what we want. Do you remember that post?
  Anyway, I've been a follower of Heather Bullard's Blog for quite a long time now. I have to laugh though. Her and I have had a bit of ESP going on. She beat me to the finish line when it came time to posting about Art. Recently, Heather posted about a painting she purchased from France. I commented on her painting and spoke about mine and their similarities. So here's my show and share. If you go to Heather Bullard's blog you can see her painting, "Phantom Bell." A beautiful painting of a Woman. With some TLC and her Hubby's handiwork the painting is as good as new. While mine is still tattered in some areas, I'm not sure I want to take on this project. Or, take away from it's vintage feel. The tattered corners are growing on me. I didn't buy the Farm table. That's OK! but, now I'm a proud owner of a piece of soulful Art! My first one.
   Do you own a piece of Soulful Art? Is it in need of repair? Please share. I would love to hear.
   The link to Heather Bullard's blog is on my sidebar under: Inspiring blogs. A must read.
    Thanks Heather ;)
                              Make it a great weekend everyone!
                                                                            xxx Liz


the vintage wren said...

I love your painting it's lovely. I love to find and collect vintage paintings & lithographs. Now you have me wanting to share some of my vintage artworks. One of my favorites is an old landscape,it's a little rough, but like yours it has the lovely nailheads. I like to imagine who might have painted it and when. Hugs-Carrie

Oil Painting said...

I love these paintings & your art work thanks for sharing an beautiful art.

summersoul said...

Liz, So happy to have found your blog. I don't buy art either. Ever. But I see what you are saying. I think nothing of buying a new top or pair of shoes. What's that about? I love the piece you bought. And thanks for potentially making me think differently.

Have a good one,

Marilou of Lulus Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

I love the tattered Art Liz, beautiful just as it is! Great buy! Hugs and happy weekend my friend! Marilou

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz!
The carnations painting is beautiful! And you know I love every tattered little detail right down to those tiny old nails.
Enjoy your art for years to come!