Estate Sale::

      Saturday morning went like this ..... snow, coffee, chit chat, laundry and craigslist.
     Craigslist ad: Free Christmas items. Free chairs, Lamps.
     Phone call: Woman, with a South African voice. Organizer for hire. What?
     Me: I'll be there in an hour or two :)
     Hubby: I'll get the truck and Tom/ Tom
     Me: OK
             Drive... in snow, not bad. Arrive. 1920's Home.
     Greeted by Organizer for hire. Hello, Hello.
     Organizer introduces me to Owner. Hello.
     Owner from Boston but, likes New Yorkers.
     Good, off to a good start! Sigh..
     Showed me free Christmas items. Many boxes. I'll take it!
     Then, tour of the Home. 3 Bedrooms.
     First off,  the Library in the back of the home. Filled with an array of old books. Dusty old books.
     Then, upstairs.
     Organizer: You look like Renee  Zellweger. LOL!
     Me: Chuckled as I looked at buttons. Many buttons.
     Organizer: There is more sewing items here. Oh good, do you sew?
     Me: Chuckle, a no!
     Organizer: What about this quilt?
     Organizer: Free
     Me: I'll take it!
     Organizer: Opens closet door in bedroom as I look at crochet books. Many books. She begins to take out B&W Family photos, old letters and finished needle work marked 1906.
     Me: Sigh
     Me: Are they for sale?
     Organizer: No, not till Owner goes through them.
     Me: I can understand. Sigh
     Me: Do you have any vintage clothing? desk?
     Organizer: Come this way..
     Me: As I stepped into the bedroom filled with art deco furniture. There is jewelery? Eyeing jewelry box on dresser.
     Organizer: Yes, look at this cameo.
     Me: I love this Victorian compact. Is it for sale?
     Organizer: No, not till the Antique appraiser comes.
     Me: Sigh
     Organizer: Let me show you some vintage clothing as she takes out several dresses from the closet. Then, hat boxes filled with hats from 1920's, 1930's. Then, a fashion show. Organizer starts to put on hats and laughs. Get that visual.
     Me: How much?
     Me: Sigh
     Downstairs. Hubby is speaking to Owner. Owner asks him if he's interested in old tools. Hubby's eyes light up.. This is not a good sign, I thought. Then, they went off to the basement. I hear laughing. Hm mm....
     Me: Sigh
     Time to wrap things up..
     Husband: It's getting dark, time to get going.
     Me: OK
     Organizer: Let me show you what we are throwing out!!!
     Me: Sigh
     Husband: Sigh!!!!!
          Truck loaded...

                                 How did your Saturday go?

                                                 Have a great Sunday!!!
                                                           xxx  Renee
                                                                Ooops! I mean Liz :)



A Thing for Roses said...

Oh, loved reading this post. What a dream day. At least it would have been my dream day. Thanks for sharing!

JunkStuffTreasures said...

What an interesting day, nice picks. It's like looking through a time capsule- so fun!

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Weird but sound productive and not a waste of time.

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Oh My Goodness, Now that does sound like a Dream~
What a Saturday!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Renee...
Sounds like it was quite an adventure! Glad you didn't get too much snow! :)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Renee....Yep....it was his side of the bed. I was thinking about adding two hearts but I'll let him sleep under the one! This post is so cute! Did your other half get any tools? Did you buy the vintage hats?

Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

Score! What a great day!

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Wow! You had quite a Saturday! Sounds fun and tiring!!

Patty said...

Liz, I've run across your blog before, but I don't think I'm a follower, so will do that while I'm here. Is there a way to subscribe by email ? I'll look. I love thrifting for vintage and enjoy seeing what others find. Will you show us what you found at the home with the "Organizer?" thank you ! Enjoy your week.

oh...no need to reply. I know you're a busy lady. Just keep up the lovely blog.

A Cottage Muse said...

And you didn't even end the post with and then I woke up!! What a great day!

lisa Moran, Bilancia Designs said...

Wow...what a day, Liz!
Did I see old buttons???????????????????? :) :)
If this is a new purchase, you know where to find me!! LOL
Hope you have a wonderful week!

the vintage wren said...

Ha ha too funny,sounds like fun. By the way, you do look like Renee Z., I meant to comment when you posted tat on Facebook. : )

Ana said...

You're so cute Liz...Love, love, love this post. And I saw all the goodies you got. Great finds. Hope you are having a wonderful week my friend.

Hugs and Kisses,

Pam said...

What an amazing day. I would have been sighing right along with you!