fall collage wreath::

 Thanks to Christopher Columbus! Today, was a super day to finish my fall wreath I've been working on.Remember those leaves you've been seeing on here and facebook? Well, here's the finished wreath collage. I had all the supplies at home already including wreath form and burlap. In case you want to make one, here's what you'll need including easy step by step directions.

  Supplies:.1 wreath form ( any size)
                           .glue gun
                           .burlap cut in strips approx. 4 inches wide in
                            the length of the sack. I just cut.. as many as
                            needed as I went along.             
                           (used a corn sack that I cut for this project)
                           . vintage photos, cabinet cards, papers, post
                           .cards, bingo cards, ephemera, 
                           .fresh leaves from the outdoors in various
                            sizes, shapes.
                           .buttons, sewing notions, odds and ends
                           (used a vintage bow tie)
                           . dried flower pod. You can omit..
                            I just wanted to add a different texture here.
 Directions: This is a no sew project. Wrap burlap strips taut around wreath form. Wrap and glue till the whole wreath is completely covered in burlap. Trace different size leaves on postcards and paper from vintage books. Here is where you can be creative. Use whatever you like! Glue in place. I suggest that you design  and place items on the wreath before gluing. I also added a button and a sewing card. Again, be creative. Have fun!
   So, what did you create today? I hope you had a wonderful Columbus Day.

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                                  xxx Liz


Lory Robinson said...

Love your fall wreath! Great natural look!
The Robin’s Nest

Abbi said...

Very pretty wreath!

Laurel Leaf Cottage said...

How very creative!! I love it so much!! I'm your newest follower!! =) Deanna

Sherry said...

Oh, this is wonderful!

Tina from A Few Pretty Things said...

What a beautiful wreath! I came here from Get Your Craft On.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Very Clever!
It looks fabulous...and I LOVE a no sew project!

Protector of Vintage said...

Love it!!

Vee said...

This is stunning! I had to return to say so since I hadn't commented when I first saw it. For anyone who loves vintage, this is perfection.

Blessed Serendipity said...

What a great looking fall wreath. I love it! I bet you are enjoying some pretty fall color now.


Ana said...

Love the wreath Liz. How cool would it be to use copies of old family pictures and make it into a familiy wreath. Thanks for the inspiration my friend. Wishing you a wonderful day.

Hugs and Kisses,

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh that is cute, love all the vintage stuff & burlap especailly the pictures, that baby is adorable

(I thought oh no another Michael's made over fall wreath LOL)

was that rude? anyway your wreath is so what I like

Into Vintage said...

This is so pretty and perfect for this time of year!

Diane said...

Love this! What a great job!

debra said...

This is just beautiful! So creative !