I beg to differ::

   When, the weather is bitter cold it's always fun to head over to a antique mall or shop for unique finds. This is also true when I need inspiration and information. Or, just like seeing what's new and hot in the shop. It's fun knowing people in this biz.. it's makes for great conversation too.
   I've been consumed lately, as you know with all things Spring. Now, that I'm in the clear. Here's some shots I took last weekend at Antiques Barn in New Paltz, NY.
   It's always an expedition when I go antiquing. You never know what treasures you will find or stories you hear. Oh, who said antiquing is on it's way out? I beg to differ.

   For more info about:  Antiques Barn at Water St. Market
      Go to: www.newpaltzantiquesbarn.com
      Open 7 days a week 10-5
      Tell, Walter I sent you!

                                                              Have a wonderful week,
                                                                          xxx Liz


Sherry said...

Great finds! I'm feeling the need for an antique mall stroll...just what the doctor ordered for the winter blahs!

Kathi said...

nice finds! we are going through some withdrawal around here, need a good estate sale. of course we could clean the basement and find an estate sales worth of stuff but that is no fun...
thanks for the fix, Kathi

Curtains in My Tree said...

That luggage and old bottles looks like my basement stasch which I am selling in a yard sale soon as it gets a little warmer here, tomorrow maybe 20 degrees
I always love to go to a new antique mall to see whats going on, only trying to downsize my collections