happy wednesday::

Nothing more can make me happier..Spring. The colors of inspiration, the sounds of birds singing and sun shinning throughout my home. With all this enthusiasm for this new season, comes new and fun things happening on the horizon. But, for just today I'm sharing some market fresh tulips that put a smile on my face. Happy Wednesday everyone! Liz


Alice said...

My favorite flower is the tulip. But really I love all the spring flowers. Unfortunately since we live at the edge of town all the critters love to dig up or chew on these delicate flowers.

Beverly Shook said...

I agree! Love the spring and the flowers that show us a new start and new life. Enjoy!!!

Blessed Serendipity said...

What a pretty color combination Liz. Love tulips and those are purdy. Happy Wednesday to you too.

xo Danielle

Curtains in My Tree said...

This is a great time of the year,
We had 2 1/2 inch rain yesterday and tornadoes here in Missouri, down to 31 tonight chance of snow !!!!

some of my bulbs are blooming