the look and feel of spring moss::

Have you ever worked with moss? I grabbed my garden tools this morning and went digging in the woods. I cheated filling the silver tea pots with garden peat pots cut to size in the opening. They have the illusion of being filled all the way up with moss don't they? But, they aren't. Spritz with water to stay fresh. Instant vignette with vintage accents you'll want to try. Hey, it won't even cost you a penny. Have a great April!
                                                                                 - Liz


Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Great idea Liz. Today I happened to spray roundup on a bunch of moss that was invading our garden beds. I should have done it your way...wish I had seen your post first. Sue

Olive said...

Brilliant and beautiful.

Claudia said...

We have more and more moss growing on our lawn! I know that's supposed to be a bad thing, so maybe I'll be inspired by your post to go dig some up!


Blessed Serendipity said...

That looks so pretty Liz but I shall have to purchase my moss at the crafts store.

xo Danielle

Donna Heber said...

Just lovely Liz. I don't seem to have much moss as our yard is very sunny.