nifty findings by junxtaposition::

It's #findings second posting let's cheer. I'm hoping there will be many more of these sweet shops to share within these walls. I'm very pleased to introduce an example of some little hip handmade jewelry designs from JuNxtaposition by Jeanne Cherry. These unique up cycled creations are made with items that would have been discarded. This artsy placement of junk findings are eye catching and certainly make a statement and great conversation piece. Why not treat yourself to some today. Thanks Jeanne for sharing with all of us your creativity. Links in tab labeled "findings" directly above for your reference. Might I add, JuNxtaposition is a vendor at several shows including Country Living Fair so check out her blog and social media links for shows/times nearest you. Are you an artisan, emerging business, established, start up? Want to be included in #findings? Email me: lizhanley72@yahoo.com for information. I sense a craft project coming up next stay tuned. Have a great week. Liz 


White Lace and Promises said...

Oh yes! I love the jewelry I'm seeing made from old stuff. I picked up a couple of charms last weekend. These are great. Thanks for sharing. Your new header looks great!

LizlovesVintage said...

Thank you Bonnie @WhiteLaceandPromises glad you enjoyed this post.