on my desk::

Just popping in to say Hello.. and see how things on your end are going. The weather here has been very cold. Hoping there is some sign of spring real soon. The past few days have been sunny which makes me want to nest, organize and of course shoot some pics of random stuff. That's always the case when lighting opportunities arise. It's dreamy and I can't wait to choose my prop or in this case desk accessories with a handful of wax flowers from the market. Aren't they sweet? I'm waiting for those little buds to open so dainty and very purple. I've been a busy bee lately. Working on a little project that I will share with all of you in the next few weeks. I have two #findings posts also coming soon.Yes, I didn't forget. If you want to share your biz on my blog.. go for it! Send me an email. Lastly, I just wanted to thank you all for making me smile, chuckle and sigh everyday on Instagram. Love seeing so much creativity in one place just amazing and super fun too. Time for me to get settled in. You know.. pj's and tea would be nice. Till next post- Liz