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Will you go on a journey with me today to feed our hungry? Let me introduce you to a great cause and yet another small business that inspired me to share on #findings.
Feya Candle creates 100% soy wax candles with all natural wicks based out of Morrison, Colorado. Feya's goal is to connect human life through food. It's Companies like Feya who have a desire and see a need to do something good for humanity. Their mission is clearly from the heart inspired by the love of family and their love of food. Food being the center of every family, Feya buys and delivers a meal to someone in need with every candle sold. Feya distributes food around the continents as far as Haiti and Nicaragua. Even close to home in soup kitchens in Nebraska and Colorado they are spreading joy. Making these people connections boosts self esteem, creates hope and faith in solving our world hunger problem. If not for a brief moment in someones life one candle at a time.
Since 2010, Feya has been pouring soy candles with no gmo's or artificial additives. If you never burned soy based candles before, you will be pleased with how clean then burn. Feya candles are no exception. Available in 10 fragrances and have over 50 hours burn time. They come in a convenient 6.5 oz size glass vessel great for gifting. May I suggest lemon, it's like a subtle hint of zest. Pure heaven in a jar! Just think with every purchase made you are fighting hunger. Many thanks to Sarah and Feya Candle for your exceptional devotion to this cause.

For more information about Feya Candle and their journey go to http://www.feyacandle.com
You can find Feya on FB, Twitter, IG (#WeAreFeya) Pinterest for updates.Want to carry Feya in your shop? For wholesale inquiries or questions about Feya Email:feyacandles@gmail.com 

Light a Candle Feed the World 
Above product photography: Elizabeth Hanley
Feya Candles

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