estate sale treasure::

He was a craftsman that's all I knew of him. I wished I had learned more about this man and what drew him to his handiwork. His Daughter gave me a tour of the three bedroom house. Very retro decor with hints of farmhouse, an eclectic mix. She cried as she grieved the loss of her Dad. It touched me so all I could do was console this poor Woman, as I stood in one of the bedrooms with flowered wallpaper. We talked about pricing as I leaned over to grab a wooden oak box. She told me her Father made it and he enjoyed woodworking. I then told her she needed to keep it in his memory as she began to point out all the items he had made. "No, I have one"she exclaimed. "Whatever doesn't sell is going to auction!" I stopped and thought about her words. At this time, my husband was glancing at tools and gadgets in the shed. I made my purchase and went on my way.. It was like a movie trailer to me. It happened so fast I wanted to make a U turn and start from the very beginning the introduction. Ask her if she was ok and if she needed anything but, I didn't.What do you say to someone who is faced with loss of a loved one besides,"I'm sorry." I wanted to know his name, how many children he had and his wife's name. It made me wonder about so many things in life especially our legacy. Not to mention the stuff we collect and the memories we save for years. It dawned on me this three bedroom house was going to be sold along with it's contents to strangers. His son-in-law complained to my husband while there,"I told them not to buy this house." I wonder about their lives and hope they shared many happy times there. I can only hope that the family isn't burdened with it all and have help from loved ones. So many unanswered questions and thoughts filtering in my brain. My box sits on my dresser now for safekeeping. Lesson learned here..next time I'm definitely going to get a name.

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