My Shabby Christmas

Home for the Holiday's

                                      Finally......... I think I'm done decorating.
The tree full of Vintage beauties

Candy cane theme this year

New Curio, it's a keeper
Just a swag of berries, adds a twist
                       Hello! It has been a busy week. I've been behind and now I'm just coming up for air.Are you in the same boat? This is what I've been up to, minus baking. That's for next week. Sigh... So, now you get a chance to see my shabby world. I'm done decorating, but more boxes in my attic are calling me. Do I have OCD when it comes to decorating? I thought I made it to the finish line. My tree is full of Vintage ornaments, I've collected over the years. Yes, shinny bright amongst others.There is nothing like alittle vintage, to make me happy. Now to wrap some presents. That's another post for another day. See you soon.
                                                                                                                    Hugs, Liz

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Maria Wheeler, Simply Cool Stuff said...

Good morning Liz and Happy Decorating. I think that is the fun thing about decorating - one never feels 'done', with lots of opportunity for change! Love the Shabby look - so sweet and simple. Lucky you to have snow to make this holiday really festive - I hope nature cooperates here in New England this week! I will check out your wrapping post; I have planned a similar post for Monday - Have fun!