neutral finds::

      Pairing up some neutral finds from this past weekend: ironstone, a vintage egg cup and bits of lace. I couldn't resist the fresh garlic bulbs from the farmer's market too.
    Does your summer palate of finds look like this? Or does it have hints of color throughout? The highlight of this past weekend was a visit to an estate sale overlooking the Hudson river. I could move right in this one bedroom summer cottage with wooden beams and leaded glass windows. Kept in the family for over 100 years.. now, it's history and keepsakes are up for sale. I passed up on a few things like vintage wicker, chairs, pottery, books, tools and bric-a- brac.. you know the typical stuff. oh, how I wanted the original hoosier cabinet from the kitchen-NFS
    I'm hoping to go back to the estate soon to capture some snap shots of this vintage beauty for you before it goes on the market for sale. To be continued...
   By the way, have a great week! Liz

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Olive said...

Just lovely. I have not been shopping anywhere in weeks on purpose. I can stock my booth from my living room which is a horrid sentence;} xo, olive