seeking rustic romance apply within::

     Being on vacation allows me to get things done on my checklist and gears me up for what's new and exciting. As you know, I collaborate with a creative team at Gatherings Magazine. We're thrilled to announce come Sept. 2 the fall issue themed "Rustic Romance" will be released to the general public in the printed version via Magcloud. Gatherings Magazine now an online e magazine is growing by leaps and bounds.. yahoo! We want to share our excitement along with our viewers and have some fun along the way too. So, here's the scoup.
   If you enjoy styling, photography and just plain being creative Gatherings Magazine Instagram challenge is for you! For the next 2 weeks Gatherings Magazine contributors and followers alike will be styling some photos and uploading them on Instagram. Want to participate? Here's what you need to do: Style some objects together using the theme "Rustic Romance" take a snapshot and use the hashtag #gatheringstyle. Easy.. peezy, fun. We pick a fave from the grouping each week. Post it on Fb so friends and family can see. Oh, did I mention that if chosen your photo could be featured in a future issue of Gatherings Magazine.Pretty impressive I might add and very exciting. So, have fun and play along with the Gatherings Magazine gang! We'll see you on Instagram.
  Don't forget use the theme and hashtag - Liz

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